Door Closer

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Door Closer

Door being the immediate requirement, once you have a room, door closer is probably the thing that makes the utility of that door possible! Doesn’t matter whether the door belongs to your home or your office, Krios Direct brings door closers that would go beautifully with any kind of contemporary space.

Highly durable, rust proof, extremely easy to install, each of these door closers comes with exquisite chrome finish, and boasts of a trendy design. Some surface mounted and others concealed, these come in various types - made of aluminium or of stainless steel.

Without having to compromise on quality or consistency, design or convenience, you can buy these door closers online by Krios Direct, without worrying even a bit and never having any qualms later! Choose from a wide variety of catalogue, and find the one that suits your door the best - both functionally as well as design-wise!

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